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by | May 8, 2017 | LivingWell

The Master Cleanse. Oxygen bars. Ionized bracelets. The cabbage soup diet. Weird green powders and foul smelling oils. 20 day silent retreats. And superfoods you can never pronounce…

But what if I told you that creating radiant health doesn’t have to be so complicated? What if you could experience abundant wellness in your mind, body, emotions, and spirit through simple yet profound shifts in your lifestyle?

Here’s something unbelievable:

80% of chronic physical and mental illness can be prevented, or reversed, through a healthy lifestyle. No other medicine in the world can do this.

So where to start?

Well, #1 and #2 on this list are pretty evenly matched in terms of improving your overall health and quality of life.

Think about it: just about all of us consciously eat and interact with people every day, so these two factors are incredibly powerful places to begin to facilitate healing and transformation in your life.

And when you combine them with the next three, and a support structure to help you implement these changes in your life in a way that isn’t all wonky and woo-woo, you’ll experience the power of true, holistic healing.

#1 – Plant-Based, Whole Foods

This is you’re number one ally for stepping into a life of balanced health. There’s different types of vegetarians – those who eat eggs and dairy, those who eat fish, and those who eat only plants.

Yet these veggie-lovers tend to live 15-19% longer than their meat eating friends – with those who eat fish living the longest.

Here’s the fact:

The more animals you eat, the more cancer you grow.

Now, I’m not telling you to stop eating meat completely – hell, even I have a burger every 6 months or so – but when you drastically decrease the amount of food ingested from animals, your health, and the health of the planet, begins to rapidly increase.

#2 – Loving Relationships

Social relationships are as important to your health as exercise, diet, and smoking cessation. In fact, the less social connection you have, the less likely you are to participate in healthy behaviors!

In the Harvard Grant Study, which was conducted over 75 years, it was determined that the number one factor to create a purposeful, happy life was love.

This can take the form of a romantic partner, a core group of amazing friends, great coworkers, extended acquaintances, or all of the above.

And it’s not only people who live alone who are at risk of feeling isolated – more often it is someone who has a family, friends, and great job that feels desperately lonely.

So, the key takeaway is this – relationships are a basic human need and contribute to your happiness, sense of purpose, and willingness to partake in healthy activities.

So enjoy your partner and friends, and if you don’t have any then grieve and get out there and make some true connections, tiger.

#3 – Movement (aka exercise)

You don’t need to be a gym rat, run marathons, or benchpress 400lbs to be fit. Find a way that works for you that is fun yet pushes your present physicality to become stronger.

For me, I do a combination of hiking and playing outside with weight lifting. I can’t stand running around my city – I get bored after 3 blocks. But take me in the woods and I’ll hike 10 miles smiling the whole time.

So here’s the point:

Find what works for you, and spend at least 20 minutes a day doing it. That’s 1/72nd of your day! Take the stairs, not the elevator. Park farther away from the door. Go outside. Lift heavy stuff. Get in the garden.

Because as Nike says, “Just Do It!”

#4 – Sleep

Would you like to live longer with improved memory, more creativity, less inflammation, and increased focus?

Then go ahead and snooze!

Adults are supposed to have 7-9 hours of sleep a night, and again, this stuff varies. Some days I am absolutely chuck full of energy and bushy-tailed after 5 hours of sleep. Other nights I could sleep 12 hours and still not feel rested.

But the key is consistency. Shut off your devices at least an hour before bed (link), and go to sleep at the same time every night. Yeah, simple, but do you do it? And how often are you complaining, saying, “Ugh I’m SO tired!”

So stop complaining and go to bed on time. And if you say, “I can’t sleep,” then just practice. Larry Bird didn’t become great because he said, “I can’t get a free throw on my first try.” Consistency. Practice.

#5 – Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction

Stress causes anxiety, obesity, depression, immune disorders and a whole slew of negative health outcomes.

And in fact, one of the best things you can begin to do is change the way you experience and manage anxiety and stress. Begin to see stress and anxiety as energy that is being given to you to complete a task, and when that task is completed you need to reach out to friends and family for support.

Things that help are mindfulness, which is an all encompassing term for mediation, guided imagery, cognitive behavior therapy, diaphragmatic breathing, and hiring a coach!

#6 – Stop Smoking You Silly!

I know I said 5 things to experience radiant health, but if you’re still smoking, then get some freaking help. It’s bad for you, I have to hold my breath as I walk by you (I breathe too!), you don’t consider throwing the nasty butts on the ground littering, and you’re polluting the environment. And you’ll die way sooner than non-smokers.
We make health and wellness so complicated – you probably don’t need 20 supplements and to do hot yoga twice a day (unless that’s your thing) to experience radiant health.

It’s the small changes that add up.

If you’d like to know more, feel free to reach out to me peter@empowerwell.com

Peter Giza

Peter Giza is a transformative coach and health and wellness expert. When he is not working with clients, he loves spending time in the mountains, performing music, and traveling with his partner.

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