FREE Wellness Training From Registered Nurses:


Get In The Best Health of Your Life - 

So You Can Do More of What You Love. 

FREE Wellness Training From Registered Nurses:


Get In The
Best Health of Your Life
So You Can Do More of What You Love. 


How to create abundant health and energy starting today and for the rest of your life. 

  • Without shame, guilt, or wasting years. 
  • Without the fads, BS, or quick fixes that never work. 
  • With a simple, science-backed approach 
  • So you can focus on doing what you love with people you care about. 
Sean D.

Where do I even begin? This course is life-changing. It helped me develop healthy, sustainable habits. 

Wanda T.

Life-changing and transformed my health forever. A great big THANK YOU to Heather and Peter. 

Cassie G.

An invigorating and supportive experience to create wellness from within. Heather and Peter have created something powerful. 

Crystal C.

This motivated me to overcome one of the lowest times in my life. Finally, the HOLISTIC approach I've been waiting for. 

Life-Changing Results With Our Science-Based Approach

A groundbreaking approach to wellness from healthcare industry whistleblowers. 

We’re Heather and Peter - Registered Nurses taking a stand against the pain and suffering that’s all too common. 

Exhaustion. Weight gain. Disease. Unhappiness. 

But there's a way out.

Transform Your Health - For Good.

After helping thousands of people to elevate their lifestyle, we put together this Free Wellness Class to help you reclaim your energy and confidence. 

Finally experience the best life has to offer as the version of yourself you always wanted to be. 

No gimmicks, guilt, or shame. No fad diets or excruciating exercise. 

Just clinically-proven science and lasting results.

The health and happiness you've dreamed of is waiting. 


Jen Y. 

For the first time, I feel in alignment with myself - mind-body-soul. I can't recommend this enough.


My total health has turned around as a result of this. I have more energy than I have in a long time and my cholesterol levels have drastically dropped. 

Shannon A.

I was burnt out and exhausted - mentally, physically emotionally. Now, my cup is overflowing.


What I have gained from being in this has truly changed my life. I developed insights and lifestyle habits that I’ll use forever on my journey.

Maria G.

It completely elevated my overall health & well-being to a level I never dreamed was possible.

Ian K. 

The community is so supportive. I've been able to get through a tough time in my career and finally make my health a priority. 

Caren G. 

I have my life back. My self confidence improved, my self worth skyrocketed. I’m healthier and on a path of continued healthy living - mind, body and soul.

Ready to Get In The Best Health of Your Life?



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