We help you master wellness so you can have

more freedom, health, and success

in every area of your life.

We help you master wellness so you can have

more freedom, health, and success

in every area of your life.

Hey! We’re Heather and Peter.

If you’re looking looking for healing wisdom and the path to complete physical, emotional, and spiritual health, then you’re in the right place.

As Board Certified Wellness Coaches, we get you better results in less time than you ever imagined.

By combining deep coaching with science and practical knowledge, you’ve found a coach you can trust to help you create a life you love.

So, are you ready to enjoy radiant health and vitality?
Why settle for less than an inspiring life?
Experience Success Through Wellness.

We recognize that you are on your own unique journey of discovery, and a cookie-cutter model won’t work for you. That’s why our world-class coaching programs are customized to meet your needs. 

For organizations looking to create a more cohesive, productive, and healthy work environment, we’ve got something for you, too.

So, whether you are trying to drop a few pounds, feel vibrant and energetic, gain total clarity, eliminate stress and anxiety, or take your professional life to the next level without sacrificing your personal life… we’ve got you covered.

EmpowerWell elevates powerful individuals and powerful organizations through Transformative Wellness Coaching.


At EmpowerWell, we bridge the gap between science, healing, and peak performance.

In the unregulated field of coaching, it can be difficult to find someone to trust with your most important assets: Your health and wellness. A weekend course in nutrition does not qualify as expertise.

At EmpowerWell, we have at least 4,000 clinical hours, a bachelors degree in life science, and a board certification in coaching. We understand wellness for the 21st century.

Now that’s a coach you can trust. 


“Since I started working with Heather, my life has gone through a truly beautiful transformation. Most importantly, Heather’s guidance, support and tools have helped me access my inner wisdom. I feel more connected to what is important in my life. I feel more authentic, less fearful, more courageous and inspired! When I reflect on my experience of working with Heather, I see growth, discovery and profound life changes!”

Chelsea Diagle, Registered Nurse
Portland, Oregon


“Working with you was instrumental in helping me figure out what I want from life, breaking big goals down into a series of small concrete achievable goals to help get me where I want to go, and in learning self-calming practices and self-encouragement strategies that can be used as tools to help me get unstuck from negative thought patterns.”

Naomi Keiko Andress

“Peter has been great at reminding me that the version of myself that I want to be is always within me. Peter has helped instill the willpower in me to take time for myself to regularly reflect internally.

I would (and already have) recommended Peter as a coach; he leads by example. The way he listens and offers guidance truly reflects the way he navigates his own life. His carefree confidence really makes you feel ‘at home’ with him.”

Nicholas M. 

“Heather’s insightful inquiry helped me be honest with myself about what was keeping me from pursuing the things I wanted to achieve. Heather helped me develop strategies to overcome limiting habits I had been struggling with for years.

My coaching sessions with Heather have had lasting impact.  Not simply due to the content of what was uncovered, nor simply due to the encouraging way Heather helped facilitate the exploration.  The sessions have stuck with me because all the insights were earned through a kind of honest work that leads to a unique empowerment that I can’t help but continue to pursue.”

Dannon Canterbury

“Peter has an amazing ability to hold space in a way that allows great insights and transformation to occur seamlessly. His strong presence and gentle encouragement create a perfect container for deep work and profound shifts.

After working with Peter I always feel inspired, energized, and awakened to new possibilities.”

Caitlin Capistran, Doctor of Physical Therapy
Owner of Feeling Centered Bodywork
Portland, Oregon

“Heather challenged me and held me accountable to my exercise plan, which gave me more energy to get through my days. I was always excited to get on the phone to tell her about my successes, and to receive  support in the areas where I was still struggling.

Today I feel happier, healthier, and much more confident.” 

Registered Nurse

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